How do i secure my wireless?

Answer Here is a generic link from Belkin to secure your routerYou need to login in to your router by typing192.168.2.1or if that doesn't work192.168.1.11)You then need login and to put in a password, if... Read More »

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Are wireless keyboards secure?

The wireless signal strength is way too low for any normal equipment to pick up outside the room ...(OK, the 'Men In Black' with a van load of kit & directional receivers etc. could, no doubt, 'see... Read More »

How do I secure my wireless network?

Here's how to do it.Go into your browser, and type this into the address bar: most situations, this address will be the address of your router. It will more than likely ask you to log ... Read More »

Wireless Networking How secure is it?

The big security issue associated with wireless vs wired is that you can no longer control who can access the information you transmit. Anyone with a computer can snoop on the traffic you are trans... Read More »

How to Secure a Belkin Wireless Router?

Wireless routers allow you to access the Internet and other networks from any connected computer in your home or office. If you have not secured your wireless router, though, freeloaders can take a... Read More »