How do i set up a message board ?


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Flashing LED message on an A board / Pavement advert sign?

As far as I know, only some local laws ban them... So it depends on whee you live. Bring it up at your next city council meeting. Those thing are very distracting.

What is the point of having a "Baby On Board" message in your car back window?

My husband is a policeman and I asked him this when we had our daughter. Apparently the reason the signs were introduced were because they are extremely useful to emergency services ambulance/fire... Read More »

If you are on a message board or Yahoo group, can other users know where and who you are, even approximately?

I dont think so but they could hack and find out your IP address. If you dont want then to know get something like this downloaded for free. I think this will help and you coul... Read More »

What do I have to do when dash board message says transmission service required for xc90?