How do i set up a password to connect my iPod Touch to my home wifi?

Answer it's the password that you use to connect your PC to it. Remeber that the iPod's keypad defaults to small letters so if it's in capitals you have to press shift between each letter (I made this mis... Read More »

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My Ipod Touch wont connect to wifi?

Try a hard reboot on the iPod - that nornakky clears most things.Hold down the button top right AND the button bottom middle at the same time until it starts to reboot

My ipod touch 4th generation won't connect to my wifi! HELP?

It could be that your Ipod touch does not meet the requirements to connect to this specific wifi router.

I can't connect to my home Wi-Fi with my iPod Touch or my Android Tablet, although the Wi-Fi is still working!?

Is the SSID of the other network the same as yours? If so you need to change it to avoid confusing the devices, if not then there is a problem with your router, try rebooting it, if that doesn't wo... Read More »

How to Use WiFi on an iPod Touch?

Owners of the iPod Touch can use their portable devices as a way to access the internet. This can be done anywhere that a Wi-Fi connection exists. Before you can use the iTunes, YouTube and Safari ... Read More »