How do i share files between 2 pc,s using bt home hub on a wired connection?

Answer i assume both are connecting to the internet via your wireless router?if this is the case then they should both be part of the same "workgroup"check this by right clicking "my computer" and choosin... Read More »

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Can i share my internet connection with my laptop just using a rj45 connection without a router.?

It depends on the hardware you have available. To share internet without a router you need to have a free Network Interface Card (NIC) on your PC that currently has internet connectivity. You wil... Read More »

Share files between XP and 7?

This is really not hard at all. (On your 7 machine because it's easier and more intuitive than XP) Go to Control Panel/Network and Sharing/Choose Homegroup and Sharing options (3rd down in the larg... Read More »

How can I share files between my PC and USB?

How do i get wireless internet connection for a laptop if i have a normal wired broadband at home?

what you need to do is have a talk to your isp(internet service provider) and explain your set up at home and they should be able to recommend a wireless package aol are doing a wireless... Read More »