How do i share my internet connection with a new laptop i just bought do i need a wireless router .?

Answer yes you need a wireless router, i know cause i have just got myself a laptop today too

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Can I share an internet connection without a switch or wireless router?

Yes, its possible. If your PC that's getting online already has a LAN card but is connected to the modem, then make sure that PC has another slot for another LAN card so you can connect it to the ... Read More »

Can i share my internet connection with my laptop just using a rj45 connection without a router.?

It depends on the hardware you have available. To share internet without a router you need to have a free Network Interface Card (NIC) on your PC that currently has internet connectivity. You wil... Read More »

I recently bought a laptop capable of using wiffi. Do I need a router to connect wireless to the internet?

A WiFi (not "wiffi") connection can be thought of as conceptually the same as a wired Ethernet connection. That means you need to get onto *some* local network in order to connect to the Internet. ... Read More »

How to share my laptop wireless connection with ipod?

You can use ad hoc Network. In windows 7 or vista Open Network And Sharing Center.Click Manage Wireless Networks > Add > Create Add Hoc Network. Click next and type your network name and you can se... Read More »