How do i stop all people from comment on my like page on facebook?

Answer YOU CAN'T STOP ALL PEOPLE From commenting in your page. You can block some people and they won't able to comment but preventing all people from commenting is impossible.What you can do is stop peop... Read More »

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If you delete a comment someone's made on your facebook page, does it persist in people's 'updates'?

I entered a group once, and then 10 minutes later I left it, the next day my friend asks me why I joined such a group. So I guess yes, it sometimes stays in people's updates.

Facebook Mobile won't let me comment/Like as my page?

Hi, You already got an android smartphone so don't worry.Go to GOOGLE PLAY STORE & Search 'MOBILE PAGE MANAGER' there. Download that. with the Mobile Page Manager you can post upload photos, commen... Read More »

How to Find Someone Who Is Not on Facebook But Made a Comment on My Page?

You can follow up with a former Facebook user who made a comment on your page to get additional feedback or clarification on the comment he left before he closed his Facebook account. His name no l... Read More »

How to stop my friends from seeing what I comment on, on FaceBook?

If you are going to hide your comments, why have Facebook at all? Doesn't it just become pointless?