How do i stop facebook coming into my hotmail!?

Answer Change your email settings with Facebook1. Log into Facebook2. In the upper right, put your mouse over "Settings" and click the "Account Settings" button.3. Click the "Notifications" tab4. From the... Read More »

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How do i stop my facebook messages coming into my yahoo page?

Open face book page , Go to settings >notification> email> and the options are " You'll receive:" or "You've unsubscribed from emails about" and turn off which option you don't want and tick what y... Read More »

Can I Stop My Period From Coming?

Menstrual cycles are a fact of life for most women between puberty and menopause. For some individuals, these monthly periods are simply an inconvenience. For others, they can be very painful and d... Read More »

How do i stop msn coming up when i log on my laptop?

Go to whatever sight you want to be your homepage. There is probably a button somewhere that says "make Thiswebsite you homepage."

How do i stop ads coming up on skype?

You don't. That's how websites, and services, make money.