How do i stop my housemate using my wireless broadband?

Answer Log in to the admin interface on the hub, and change the password.

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How can i stop people using my wireless broadband connection and slowing it down?

on the wireless router enable security, atlease WEP

Can i limit my internet want to stop greedy housemate form using all bandwith!?

Turn off wifi, or only allow specific IP addresses on the wireless network, and have everyone use assigned IP addresses. If you do either of these, you should also assign a username/password for th... Read More »

I have a 2 megabites broadband..and a wireless router to share between 2 wireless laptops?

That speed is more than enough for the laptops, what kind of router do you have? When both systems are on what ip addresses do they have? Click start, run, type in cmd and then type in ipconfig /al... Read More »

Do i need to have wireless broadband to use a wireless router?

no!any ISP broadband service can be made wireless you just need to add the wireless router to your systemif pipex provide a USB modem then that needs to be replaced with a modem/router base station... Read More »