How do i stop others using my connection....?

Answer OK - without knowing what the manufacturer and the model number of your is, I cannot give you detailed step by step directions.But here are the basicsGo to the website for the manufacturer of your... Read More »

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Can i stop my neighbour using my wireless internet connection?

Yes!If you use a wireless router, you can enable WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or a similar security protocol to prevent others from hijacking your connection. I suggest searching the web for WEP... Read More »

How do I stop my neighbour using my wireless connection so I get a huge bill?

I can see that nobody answered seriously, first of all, your neighbour using your wireless will not cost you extra, it will just slow down your internet connection speed. To make your wireless conn... Read More »

How can i stop people using my wireless broadband connection and slowing it down?

on the wireless router enable security, atlease WEP

How can i stop other people around my house from using my wireless internet connection?

type in your browser address window you can follow directions for setting up a password to the wireless network.