How do i stop people seeing photo's i have liked on facebook?

Answer Duh, stop liking them?

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How to stop people from seeing tagged photos of you on Facebook?

no, you werent the one to upload those pictures, so you do not control the privacy settings for them, the person who uploaded the picture controls thatif you think you changed the privacy settings ... Read More »

How can I stop people from tagging me in Facebook photos?

You can remove tags by simply selectingthe tagged photo in your timeline and removing the tag.You can block a person to avoid them to continue tagging your photos.If you’d like to review posts an... Read More »

HELP how do i stop people from pinging on my photos and tracing my email?

When you go on websites your computer picks up cookies ( ad-aware). Some of these cookies if unleft enable hackers to access your files. To get rid of unwanted cookies you can use an ad-aware killi... Read More »

On facebook, can people tell if someone's been looking at all their photos?