How do i stop ppl copying my pics on facebook?

Answer The simple answer is,If you do not want anybody to see your pictures,DO NOT put them on facebook..

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How can i stop people copying and pasting my picture from facebook?

right click protect or not .. if they can see em, they can copy them. Best thing if you dont want em copied, dont post em up there. better still, dont advertise yourself on a social site.

How do you stop someone copying you?

i have that problem with my friend. I hate to say it but talking to her about it won't make things any better, would just cause an argument. Keep your ideas and styles to yourself :]but if you see ... Read More »

How can I stop someone copying my Myspace Layout?

Anyone who can see your profile can copy itdoes it matter?You could post a message on your profile asking that nobody copies it - ask nicely, you never know it might help

How to Make Symbols on Facebook Without Copying & Pasting?

Facebook is capable of displaying special unicode characters. These symbols are useful if you're communicating with people in a foreign language. Unicode also features a few quirky emoticons and sh... Read More »