How do i strike through something on my bebo profile?

Answer its either, type or type

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I'm trying to post a comment on someones profile on bebo it doesn't work it says "flagged as profile spam" ?

Spam detect is based on things like the inclusion of http (web) codes or images (like tags), use of CAPITAL LETTERS and inclusions of email ('@') or web (.com) addresses ....Just type in simple ... Read More »

On bebo - is there any way you can you see who exactly has viewed your profile?

You can click onto your visitor map and choose to share your details - if you do this, you can see who has visited your profile - but only if their views are also set to public.If they are set to a... Read More »

Which picture should I use for my bebo profile?

The one in the skatepark, you look very pretty :)

Has anybody ever got their (myspace, bebo etc.) profile hijacked?

i got hacked when i had 40,000 friends on myspacei never was able to get it back because the girlremoved everything about me on thereand i had to start all overit was terrible