How do i take parts from a dvd, put music behind it ?

Answer you should explain what kind of dvd it is. if its like from an official movie it might be more complicated. If you cannot access the vob files when exploring the disc then you will need some softwa... Read More »

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A wire is cut into 5 equal parts. Then the parts are connected in parallel, and the resistance was 2.?

Parallel circuits1/Rtotal = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 + .... + 1/Rnfor equal resistances this equates to1/Rtotal = 1 / R * N = N / Rso1 / 2 = 5 / RMultiply by R gives R / 2 = 5Multiply by 2 givesR = 10,... Read More »

My computer crashed and i lost all my music on i tunes, how do i load all my music from my ipod back to my pc?

I just did this over the weekend. There are some tools you can get to do this, but here are the basics:Plug your iPod in via USB and use it as a storage drive, not as an iPod. (If you have iTunes a... Read More »

When you hear loud music booming out of a chavvy car with all the windows open why is the music so bad?

Chavs seem to like crap 'thump-thump' noise, don't know why. I did once see (or hear) a middle aged gent in a Lexus absolutely blasting out Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" as he pulled up next to... Read More »

Does anyone know what music Jacksgap (Jack Harries) uses as his background music in his YouTube Videos?

Jack Harris is an actor so it's possible he has music made for his videos. However you can download legal and free music to use on your videos of a similar variety (which usually is of the chiptune... Read More »