How do i take parts from a dvd, put music behind it ?

Answer you should explain what kind of dvd it is. if its like from an official movie it might be more complicated. If you cannot access the vob files when exploring the disc then you will need some softwa... Read More »

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Why do some drivers take a long time to move away from traffic lights holding up everyone in the queue behind?

Maybe they're just careful/safe drivers. What's an extra second or so?

My computer crashed and i lost all my music on i tunes, how do i load all my music from my ipod back to my pc?

I just did this over the weekend. There are some tools you can get to do this, but here are the basics:Plug your iPod in via USB and use it as a storage drive, not as an iPod. (If you have iTunes a... Read More »

How can i download MUSIC from youtube onto my itunes (not the video, just the music thanks)?

My favorite is VideoGetting ( Its 100% freeii) Its web basediii) Convert youtube videos real timeiv) Make available downloads immediatelyv) Can convert for Wind... Read More »

Is there any way to access my sheet music from music notes on a different computer and print it off then?

Just download this free app from the Apple App Store, link it to your existing Musicnotes account, we'll instantly import all of your previously purchased sheet music files* so you c... Read More »