How do i turn my mobile into a CONFERENCE PHONE ?

Answer I would like to know the answer too

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Mobile phone question, is it illegal to use a mobile phone at all times in a car while driving or can you?

In the UK it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving (or stationary with the engine running), unless you are using your mobile to call the emergency services (999/112). You can, however, use... Read More »

What Is a Conference Phone?

A conference phone is a special type of telephone that allows multiple people to have a conversation at one time. For example, a company may organize a business meeting that is to include 10 key em... Read More »

How to Get a Boost Mobile SIM Card Working in an Unlocked T -Mobile Phone?

Although one offers only prepaid service and the other both prepaid and postpaid contract service, cell phone providers Boost Mobile and T-Mobile both use "GSM" technology -- which involves the use... Read More »

Can a mobile speed camera pick you up for using your mobile phone?

you shouldnt use your mobile whilst driving stupid.think of the consinquences, of yu others on the road and the person on the other end of the phone, how would they feel if they had to listen to yo... Read More »