How do phone barcodes work Do you scan the barcode or snap a picture of it using your phone?

Answer First you need barcode reader of QR code reader installed in your phone. Then open the app, you should either see some options to choose or camera is working. If it show options, choose scan option... Read More »

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How can i phone in sick when my work won't answer the phone or there is no answer phone?

Have they not got an answer machine?! That is very unusual!I would advise them to get one when you return to work

Hello, I'm very confused I'm using an i phone 4 and trying to call an i phone 4s on skype?

Use FaceTime if you just want to call between iPhones

How to integrating aux to phone, for control the phone by using buttons car system?

This depends very much on the head unit fitted to the car. All units are different.You need to refer to the instruction manual for the audio head unit fitted to your car.

Difference between getting online using wifi and using data offered by your phone network?

Free WiFi places like Starbucks, McDonald's etc too pay for data. They simply have a wired connection coming to their store and have a Wireless router also. The Wired connection normally comes with... Read More »