How do u reinstall window without a disk?

Answer You can factory restore your computer but unless I know your brand I can't help you because different brands use different steps to factory restore the computer the link below might help out

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How to create window vista boot up disk (start up disk)?

See if these steps help. otherwise if you call the manufacture of your computer, they can send you the cd's. HP did that with my sisters computer, for free. Creating the Recovery disksThe Recovery ... Read More »

How to Reinstall a Window Regulator on a Mercedes?

Mercedes power windows are more convenient than their manual windows when they are working properly. But, unlike manual windows, Mercedes power windows are privy to electrical difficulties that can... Read More »

Does a lap top recovery disk put pc back to as you bought it and reinstalls vista without a vista disk?

Yes! You are quite right. Now when you first buy the laptop the hard drive is "partitioned" into two different sections. One is the recovery and the other is your normal hard drive.I will give y... Read More »

Complete reset windows xp without losing files, without disk?

If you mean taking it back to the Factory Settings then the answer is no!That is exactly the same as reinstalling the OS as a clean install.If you want to do that then you will have to back off eve... Read More »