How do you add a Facebook location?

Answer underneath your status, when making a status it will say "near ____" or at "___" click them and you can change it

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How do you put your location on facebook status?

This is known as "Checking In" and you can only do that from smart mobile phones like the iPhone, and various other. If you have one of those phones and your app doesn't let you "Check In" check to... Read More »

How accurate is facebook chat location?

Can location on Facebook messages be wrong?

It finds out where you are via your phone/computer so he must be in the uk. Be careful

Facebook location wrong how to change it?

First let's check does your gps in your iphone working correctly. Open Apple maps does it show your actual location? If not then go to Applestore and have them fix it.If WiFi is enabled on your iPh... Read More »