How do you approach someone in person who you've only spoken to on Facebook?

Answer Maybe just walk up to them, and say "Hi, we met on Facebook".

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How to Approach a Blind Person?

To approach a blind person, convey help whenever necessary not pity. When offering assistance to a blind person, speak directly in a normal tone. Never grab a blind person's arm or any part of his/... Read More »

How do you add spoken languages to basic info on facebook mobile?

Its very easy.. You have to go to 'info', then click on 'languages', then enter the languages and then 'save' it.. And its done..

On facebook if youve been looking at someones profile who you used to be friends with?

No you can't be detected just looking at someone's profileFacebook doesn't allow that

On twitter can u send a message to one person and that person alone kinda like msn or facebook?