How do you change a BT home hub to use it as a wireless router with another broadband provider?

Answer All i can say is have fun. If the hub is under two years old they are all coded.

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If i get a wireless router for my home pc will it change the cost of my monthley broadband?

It shouldn't since you're basically just routing it from one computer in your house to another.

Best provider of Wireless Broadband?

try sky at the min they have a thing called see speak surf and their wireless is good & fast, and they have a good custermer service goin on!!You can get a gud deal all round

I have a 2 megabites broadband..and a wireless router to share between 2 wireless laptops?

That speed is more than enough for the laptops, what kind of router do you have? When both systems are on what ip addresses do they have? Click start, run, type in cmd and then type in ipconfig /al... Read More »

Is there a wireless broadband provider that doesn't use phone line or cable?