How do you cheat on bejewelled blitz on facebook?

Answer This is easyrefer to the post below.It comes with a step by step guide on how to activate this facebook bejeweled blitz cheats hacks whatever you called it

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Is there a cheat for Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook?

Yes, if you use Firefox as your internet browser. It is a great cheat as it allows you to make the gems whatever you want and also change the clock to give you 60 minutes of playing time. More deta... Read More »

How to download cheat for word challange on Facebook?

go to facebookclick on word challengetry harder be honest

Benefit Cheat or a Tax Cheat... Who is worse?

I see your point...the real cheater according to you is the gov't by continuing a tax that was supposed to end in 1956. Obviously a benefit cheat is the worst kind because he/she/it is simply too ... Read More »

How Did the Blitz Start?

The Blitz (flash of lightning in German) was the constant bombing of English cities by the Luftwaffe. It started in September 1840 and ended in May 1941. Around 43.000 people were killed in these a... Read More »