How do you check if your actually recieving the 8mb broadband that your paying for ?

Answer Test your speed online at :

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When you put down a deposit, dies it mean your paying your rent fir that furst month?

No. That is a deposit that is held for the entire time you live there so that if you cause any damage to the apartment they have the money already. If there's no damage, they will refund your depos... Read More »

Can your parents check your safari history on your iPhone even after you have cleared it?

Possibly they can by calling your phone provider. They might save everything even if deleted.Nothing is ever deleted. Remember that.

Do pore strips that you put on your nose to get rid of blackheads actually work?

Do banks charge you for a check that is deposited in your business bank account that has been cancelled?

most shouldnt..never heard of a bank charging you for someone elses mistake