How do you check if your actually recieving the 8mb broadband that your paying for ?

Answer Test your speed online at :

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How do you know if you have the broadband connection that you are paying for?

Go to and test your download speed there.They are running a campaign against ISP's promising "Up to"speeds.

I am currently paying for BT Yahoo broadband, how do I get a pro account on Flickr?

hi we use B.T,broadband,i uploaded a couple of photos from flicker,i just made an account and it was automatically made a pro account i dont use it, but thats all i did..

We are paying £17.99 a month for 2 meg broadband on Virgin Media. Are we being ripped off?

Absolutely! Phone them and tell them you want to cancel as 8MB ADSL is way cheaper. They'll drop your price.In fact, check this out:…

Is it normal to be paying £79 every month for Virgin 20MG Broadband, XL TV and XL Phone?

i pay £42 for 60mg with superhub m+ tv and basic phone them up and say u want to leave to go to sky,they will offer you a better deal straight away.i do it every year.hope this helps.