How do you connect 2 computers together?

Answer I don't normally answer questions where there are 7 answers already, but the quality of answers so far is cr*p.Firstly, to connect 2 PCs you will need to decide whether you want a wired or wireless... Read More »

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How can i connect 2 computers together?

The only proper way to set it up is to buy a router! Both pcs must have network interface ports or cards. You will need cat5 straight thru cables also.

How to Connect Computers With a USB?

Do not connect two computers with a normal USB cable. Instead, use a bridged USB cable. This special USB cable has a NULL connector in the centre that nullifies the five-volt charge that passes thr... Read More »

How to Connect SCH-u740 to Computers?

The Samsung SCH-u740 is a basic messaging cell phone that you can connect to computers using the USB cable and port. You may connect the Samsung to a computer to access the memory card on the cell ... Read More »

How Can I Connect Two Computers With One Cat 5 Cable?

A Cat 5 cable is a cable that is used to connect a computer to a modem or a router. These cables provide Internet access to the computer that is connected. If you only have one cable, and you have ... Read More »

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