How do you delete a map from your facebook page?

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Can you delete your facebook account but keep a page you made?

Here is something you can try.Make a new account. (before deleting your original account)Open your page and set this person (the new account) as the administrator.Then maybe you can deactivate your... Read More »

When you delete a tab from your Facebook, does it delete everything?

I don't think so. I say this because I once deleted a tab, then later I added it again, and all of the previous information came back just as it was before.

How do you delete people from your friends on your profile page on msn messanger.?

heylog on your MSNright click on the contact's nametick the TWO boxes BLOCK and DELETElog on your mailgo to CONTACTSPROFILE NETWORKa list comes uptick the box besides the contact's name/mailclick o... Read More »

Anonymous are taking down facebook on November 5th. Should I delete my details from my page?

Of course they're not. I don't know why people believe in such rubbish.Two old sayings, "Never listen to tittle tattle and rumour"and "Assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups!"