How do you delete a map from your facebook page?

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How do i delete myself as an admin on facebook page?

If you like any page, the admin of thepage cam make you admin of that pageeven if your not his friend in FB. If Youwant to remove yourself as a adminfrom that page, fist unlike that page and then b... Read More »

How to Delete a Page Suggestion on Facebook?

Facebook Pages are specialised Facebook profiles for businesses, organisations and famous persons. When viewing a Facebook Page, a friend can "suggest" the page to you if they think you'd be intere... Read More »

How do you delete a page created on Facebook?

look it up on facebook under the help section. i deleted a page, it took awhile before i figured it out, but it can be done, just keep on searching and even search the page, like the account part a... Read More »

Is it possible to delete a Facebook page on a iPad?

I think so if u can go to fb on it u can delete ya fb on it