How do you delete an administrator account on the google chromebook?

Answer If you delete the administrator account you won't be able to control the computer if you ever need to do repairs on it! Bad move!Just change your Dad's name to yours.

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Is it possible to delete your YouTube account without deleting your Google account?

YesGo to settingsThen go to advanced (on the right of your thumbnail)At the bottom there is the option for you to close your YouTube account.However, 'Closing your YouTube Account will not close yo... Read More »

How do I delete my twitter account off google search?

You have to wait until Google themselves remove it.Twitter is boring but an amazing number of genuine celebrities seem to love it hence its popularity.

Google chromebook or not?

Yes chromebook is for Internet only you can visit chrome store for more of these apps of online.

Google chromebook thoughts?

Chrome OS isn't an OS at all, the computer has no storage and the whole OS is Google chrome. and all storage is done on the cloud and you use the Google versions of word, excel, etc. Its an alright... Read More »