How do you delete an old question on here?

Answer As Stated you Cant. Yahoo Keeps them so people can Find and Use Them In Years to Come.(The Point of Yahoo answer's is to help People (Identical Problems are Persistent)

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Here we go.. here we go.. here we go.. !!! just won the Nigerian state lottery... BUGGA ME i didn't even know.?

I thought I had won it, we must be sharing hope that's OK with you. Let's go halves on an island.

Question Answering....On Here.........?

Ok heres your reply.And heres the edited bit.Let me know will ya mate?Great question.

How did I get here; I found myself here and I fear because I have never registered to be here.?

Ubuntu question, need help here?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Wireless DocumentationCards Supported…Troubleshooting/Howto/General…In the event of y... Read More »