How do you delete modules from my space?

Answer delete the source code

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How can i delete my msn space account?

go to view my space'then in the right hand colum theres an options menu- click on general- scroll to the bottom of the page and there you'll see the option to delete your space. :]

How to Delete VMDK Files for Free Space?

A Virtual Machine Disk, or VMDK, is a file format recognised by VMWare programs such as the VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit. If you are no longer using a VMDK file, you should delete it so that... Read More »

Why does the space bar delete words that i have already typed in microsoft word?

Because inadvertently at some time when you went to press delete, you pressed the Insert key which means you went into overtype mode. If you look at the status bar, right side you will see OVR, you... Read More »

When i delete files from my PC it doesn't seem to free any Disk Space why is this?

When files are deleted from the recycle bin, Windows just stores them on a different part of the disk waiting for those files to be overwritten. They don't go anywhere at all.To free up disk space ... Read More »