How do you delete multiple friends from Facebook?

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How to Delete Multiple Friends at Once on Facebook?

Facebook users with large numbers of friends may find their walls bogged down with status updates, photos and unwanted advertisements. While it's nice to confirm those friend requests, an overabund... Read More »

How to Delete Multiple Facebook Requests at Once?

Facebook members use the social network to connect and share status updates, photos, likes and interests with friends online. Part of the process involves sending and receiving friend requests from... Read More »

How do I delete all my friends from Facebook?

Account - then Edit Friends. you should see a little 'x' just click on that & your done.

How do i delete friends on the new version on facebook?

oh god this took me ages to find out the other day.. i needed to delete an ex! haha.. if you go on the profile you want to delete and scroll down to the bottom of the page it says 'remove from frie... Read More »