How do you delete photos/change your profile pic on the facebook app for iphone 3gs?

Answer Take photo / Upload photo / Click on photo / Hold finger on photo for 3 seconds / 3 options - select as profile picture, delete or cancel

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If you delete your current profile picture on Facebook will it return to your previous profile picture?

no, you just won't have one until you change it back, or replace it

How do You Delete Pictures Off Your Facebook Profile?

In order for you to delete pictures off from your Facebook Profile simply go to your profile account. Click on Pictures that you want to delete, once done you can see options click on delete locate... Read More »

How do you delete quiz results from your Facebook Profile?

I love those Facebook things!You go to the side where it says "remove" and then you click it.And then it's gone.

How do i put on a profile picture on facebook using the iphone facebook app?

This is easy. First you have to upload a picture on the newsfeed or either your profile and once it's uploaded click on it, long press on the picture until some options come up the there should be ... Read More »