How do you do a right click on mac?

Answer Press the key pad down with two fingers

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On my blackberry I can't click on any youtube videos, the cursor doesn't change so I can click it?

Goto your options menu then advanced options and click host routing table in there click your bb menu button and click register now.Also be sure in the tcp/ip menu your apn is set for your carrier.... Read More »

My 307 HDi Peugeot is starting to go click click when turning. What is going wrong?

You finally figured out how to switch on your indicaters

Is there any protection from click fraud on yahoo pay per click campaigns?

Pay per click fraud in Yahoo and other search engines is on the rise, and as advertiser you need to take certain steps to protect yourself. Here are some suggestions:1. Analyze your server logs. If... Read More »

One click or double click on the computer?

Double click on iconsSingle click on links (the cursor changes to hand)Single click on confirmation messages (Ok / Cancel)Single click navigating around menus.