How do you do a right click on mac?

Answer Press the key pad down with two fingers

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Why is it that wen using a mouse we call it right click, wen it is clearly left side of the mouse we click?

Because unless you're left-handed, you're clicking the wrong mouse button. :) For a regular mouse being used by a right-handed person, there are generally two buttons (plus more smaller ones if it'... Read More »

How to Right Click on an iPad?

Because the iPad does not have a mouse, or many physical buttons at all, it may not seem like you can "right-click" as you would with a computer. However, even the touch-sensitive screen of this ta... Read More »

Right Click -- Open with?

IIRC the "Open With" list comes from a directory full of shortcuts. If you can find it and add the required shortcut you should be back as you were.Wonder how you lost one though. Or I may be thin... Read More »

Why won't my mouse right click?

Put it in the bin and buy a new one. It's all clicked out.