How do you find out what type of RAM a computer uses?

Answer Easy way is to just surf the internet with that model and find out.You can also physically distinguish by looking at the RAM slot of the mother board.For ddr ram, the node will be nearly at 7.3cms ... Read More »

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Any way to find what type ram i have without opening computer?

If you know the model number just go to Centon. You can look up configuration on how much memory you can take there.To find out the information on how much is in what slots use CPU-Z. It will do ... Read More »

I have Created a twitter account. I can find famous people but can not find my friends. When I type in their?

You can check who in your email contacts uses Twitter, by going to the link that says "Find Friends."

I would like to buy my elderly mother a computer. she has never looked at a computer before. She can type.?

Get her an mac, they are so user friendly, and they just work.…

In computer typing test, do we type looking at the keyboard or do we type without looking at keyboard?

This is to answer both your questions:Decide on what kind of keyboard you want to use.Get in position. How you sit can affect your typing efficiency.Put your fingers in the home position. Place you... Read More »