How do you get followers on tumblr fast?

Answer 1) Put computer on ground2) Destroy computer with sledgehammer 3) Get 5000 followers on Tumblr

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How do you get a lot of followers on tumblr?

tag your posts

How can I get followers on tumblr?

ask people stuff. like anything. and tag your posts:) follow!http://inserthegoodefulstuffhere.tumblr.…

How do i get tumblr followers?

Make some of your own GIFs, get on and post as much as you can every day, message people asking for them to check out your blog, and don't post a lot of things that are too personal. Also, a good t... Read More »

How can i get more tumblr followers?

Well first of all never ever ask someone to follow u. It will make u seem as if you r hungry for followers. I recommend putting up funny or cool statuses to catch their attention. From there maybe ... Read More »