How do you get remote access to your computer from another computer out of the area?

Answer If you're using MS Windows XP Pro in the computer at home and away... you're in luck. (there are other programs that gives you more control than XP Pro)Right click on My Computer, select propertie... Read More »

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MSN Remote Assistance... How long wil one have de access to another's computer after allowing access?

Until ether you or the other person disconnects the connection, you both should have the ability to do that. If you never disconnect RA, it will always be enabled as long as your machine is on. TIP... Read More »

Just had a phone call from these people and let them use remote access to my computer before i realised they m?

change all your passwords, clear your cache and cookies.then run a full scan, then do a reboot.

Would the 'Computer Studies Pathway' Access course suffice for enrolling to a Computer Science degree course?

'Access' in this sense does usually mean access to a degree, so if it's a year course, yes it is. Computer courses aren't as popular as they perhaps should be, so that should be enough to apply. If... Read More »

I forgot my administrator password for my windows vista computer how do I access my computer again?

Andrew is correct. You CAN recover your password. Here's another freebie program that can help you do that: