How do you get the squared sign?

Answer Isn't it funny how things "Progress" - years ago when "Locoscript" was about (and I don't care what everyone says, I STILL say it was good !) to get loads of that sort of stuff was dead easy - for ... Read More »

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The GB Pound sign on my keyboard gives me the # sign. The # sign gives me the \ sign.What is solution?

I had that problem with my laptop and a website helped me out:Changing this is simple - just a little lengthy in it’s solution! Within XP, follow the following procedure: Open Control Panel (Star... Read More »

What is 3 squared?

How do You Work Out 9801 Squared?

Two square any number it is as simple as multiplying it by itself. Therefore 9801 squared is found by using the equation 9801x9801. If you are using a scientific calculator you can simplify this ta... Read More »

Can I rectify a squared off motocycle tyre?

Agreeing with all above answers regarding purchasing a new tyre, I recommend Conti Tour for motorway riding, they don't offer the cornering stability of other leading Brands such as Bridgestone, Du... Read More »