How do you know if someone is using your wireless broadband connection?

Answer The only people who can use your bt homehub are those that know the serial number

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Does anyone know what to do on your computer, if you think someone is using your wireless connection?

Yes - set up a sercured network. It is called the WEP key and your software with the router will have the option to enable it. You set it up using a common phrase (think of it as a password) and an... Read More »

How can i stop people using my wireless broadband connection and slowing it down?

on the wireless router enable security, atlease WEP

How I know how many people using my wireless broadband modem and using internet how can I make it personnel?

You would need to get the router's Social Security Number, though I don't know if they give them to inanimate objects. It might also be difficult to claim a network device as an employee come tax t... Read More »

Using someone Else's wireless broadband?

hi there.Very grey area, cannot see her getting any serious trouble over this (as long as her username is anonymous - she could be anywhere in range, not traceable by mormal methods). It IS ethical... Read More »