How do you know if you have the broadband connection that you are paying for?

Answer Go to and test your download speed there.They are running a campaign against ISP's promising "Up to"speeds.

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I have a 2wire 1800hg router and i reset the connection, i dnt know the key code for orange broadband,ne ideas?

you need the security key?, go to bt broadband forum 'hubbub', they used to ship this router-but orange will be able to give you your key-if they supplied the router.

How can I stop my neghbours that i'm friends with usng my internet wireless connection that i'm! paying for?

The only safest connection is a direct wired one and chuck the wi-fi in the nearest bin!

How do you know if someone is using your wireless broadband connection?

The only people who can use your bt homehub are those that know the serial number

Any one with BT Broadband. have you had a slow connection and have you managed to get it fixed?

Yes, I've got BT broadband and yes its slow but apparently its the area we live in. My biggest bugbear is that everytime the phone rings, I lose my signal on my laptop. I'm on my 2nd modem but its ... Read More »