How do you make those wee heart shapes in typing text ?

Answer go to start / programs / accessories / system tools / character map if its installed.

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Is there are way to convert text on paper, like pages of a book, into editable text without typing?

What CJ said. You just need to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that probably came with your scanner (or a friend's if you haven't got one) and save the resulting scan as an ed... Read More »

How to Make a Heart With Text in Facebook?

In some locations in the Facebook social networking application, you can type a certain combination of text characters to create an emoticon. You can add certain emoticons to Facebook wall posts an... Read More »

How do u do a love heart and other shapes on the pc keyboard help..........?

Alt+1 = ☺Alt+2 = ☻Alt+3 = ♥You can get them all in Charater Map.Programs â–º Accessories â–º System Tools â–º Character MapIn the Font files scroll to the bottom and they are all there plus e... Read More »

In typing, what is short hand, touch typing and audio typing. very confused!!!?

Short hand is taking notes in a code that you type up in full after.Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboardAudio typing is listening to a tape of dictation and typing it as you go along