How do you 'manage' your passwords Do you just have the same one for everything?

Answer types of passwords1) is so secured only for important things2) accounts on internet 3) stupid passwords like 123456 etc

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How do you remember all your different passwords for everything these days?

Whole truth i have to write them down.I have about 9.AND did some young lady tell us her past word>Why?

Anyone who has a Facebook account check it. Just heard they have been hacked and millions of passwords...?

Facebook is going to hell. Like real soon. I think they got sued and lost money, Less Users by the minute. And now its Hacked.

Do you have all your passwords written down or do you remember them?

I remember allot of them,...but i do have them all written down and stored safely in a folder which is locked in my Office Safe! ;)Every time i register for a new Account Online i always printout ... Read More »

How do I remove all trace of me from a computer - passwords, files, documents, everything on there, please?

If you want to completely clear your hard drive you'll need to use a File Wiping program, there's a few free ones on the internet like Eraser ( there's a ... Read More »