How do you meet girls to flirt with on Facebook?

Answer "live dangerously" by flirting on Facebook - hahahahahaGetting out more may help more.

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How to Flirt With shy Girls?

If the girl you are interested in is shy it can be a lot hard to flirt with her. You have to take it slow when you flirt with her or you will make her nervous and standoffish. It can be hard to kno... Read More »

Facebook...Is it acceptable for married or "couples" to have facebook and flirt with others on it?

Friendly flirting - not serious flirting. However, I have a MySpace specifically marked as a friendship page - just friends chatting. Just because a man is interacting with women does not mean he... Read More »

How to Meet Girls on MSN?

MSN, now the Windows Live network, is not only a place to socialise online with friends and family, but it can also be used as a way to meet your future girlfriend. Through Windows Live you can vie... Read More »

How to Meet Girls at University?

In addition to being a place of learning, a university is a place where men and women go to socialise and meet one another. A university will typically have a number of different settings that allo... Read More »