How do you send a message to other users in your LAN using net send command?

Answer net send [ip address] or [name of computer] [yourmessage]

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How do you send a message to all your freinds on myspace at once?

You can't send messages to that many all at once unless you just post a bulletin. Myspace now has the ability to msg more than 1 at a time, but I don't think it can do over a 1,000!

Is there a way you can send a comment or message to your whole friends list on myspace?

Bulletins are the only "legal" way to send something visible to ALL your friends. There are such things as a "mass commenter" that allow you to send comments to ALL your friends at once, but those ... Read More »

How to Send a Serial Command?

Data communication takes place through the serial port. The computer and the devices, such as modems, communicate with each other through this port. Some modern computers do not have a serial port.... Read More »

Can you order online, but send it somewhere other than your home?

I'm not sure but you could have them sent to a different address (another family member)