How do you set the cache setting on your computer?

Answer If you mean the CPU caches, then there might be an option in the BIOS to enable or disable caching operations. There may also be some settings in the operating system, depending upon which one you ... Read More »

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When i switch my computer on my monitor display setting keep changing . i have to adjust setting every time.?

Hi,Please do the following-Right click your desktop> Properties> Settings tab and at the lower right yu'll c Advanced tab. Click on it.Here yu'll find three radio buttons under 'After I change Disp... Read More »

Computer Cache?

The cache is used to speed up the computer.When a computer is working it stores items in it's memory that it needs to access quickly from time to time.You might have, lets say 2Gb of memory.When yo... Read More »

What does this mean .Cache in your computer?

Your Internet cache is in the Temporary Internet Files folder on your hard disk. This is where Web pages and files (such as graphics) are stored as you view them. This speeds up the display of page... Read More »

What is cache and where is it found in the computer?

Cache is temporary storage to speed up accessing the same data. Found anywhere in "the computer". (An ambiguous answer for an ambiguous question, next time be a lot more specific...)A typical examp... Read More »