How do you sort out a PROBLEM COMMUNICATING WITH ROUTER problem?

Answer theres a few ways to solve the problem 1 read the instruction manual that came with the router 2 uninstall it an then reload it,3 you picked a bad make to use an could throw it away or send it to m... Read More »

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What causes this sort of problem on LCD (with pics)?

See if the monitor has a default setting in its' on screen menu. If that does not fix it when disconnected the problem is a damaged monitor. This can be caused by over driving it, running it at fre... Read More »

Problem with router can you help?

Try changing the ADSL Line Cord (RJ-11), its the cable that is connected between the microfilter and the router. If it doesn't work then call your phone service provider and ask them to check your... Read More »

Netgear router problem (sky provided this router)?

get the Linksys router ...manufactured by cisco..... you wont find better

How to sort out Computer Sound Problem.?

It may be a problem with virus, or your speakers happen to be wireless and picks different frequencies.You didn't define what kind of speakers you have, so it's either a virus or a wireless speaker... Read More »