How do you sort out a PROBLEM COMMUNICATING WITH ROUTER problem?

Answer theres a few ways to solve the problem 1 read the instruction manual that came with the router 2 uninstall it an then reload it,3 you picked a bad make to use an could throw it away or send it to m... Read More »

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Netgear router problem (sky provided this router)?

get the Linksys router ...manufactured by cisco..... you wont find better

What causes this sort of problem on LCD (with pics)?

See if the monitor has a default setting in its' on screen menu. If that does not fix it when disconnected the problem is a damaged monitor. This can be caused by over driving it, running it at fre... Read More »

Scrolling problem on pc what have i done and how can i sort it?

Your ctrl key must be stuck down or something when you hold down the ctrl key and scrool it zooms in so it must be stuck.

How to sort out Computer Sound Problem.?

It may be a problem with virus, or your speakers happen to be wireless and picks different frequencies.You didn't define what kind of speakers you have, so it's either a virus or a wireless speaker... Read More »