How do you stop people from seeing who is on your friends list on facebook?

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How do I stop my friends on Facebook from seeing my friends list?

go to your profile > update info > on the top of the screen you'll find your name and (about) button change from (about) to friendsnew web page will be opened. your friends list will appear. over i... Read More »

On Facebook how do I stop someone I am friends with seeing my friends list?

Unfortunately I don't think there is a way from you friends to not see your friends. However, I do sugest you make yuor profile private. Facebook made changes and if your account settings are set t... Read More »

How do I stop my friends seeing my friend list on facebook?…go here and where it says "friends" change it to "only friends" and save the changes.

How do I stop people who aren't my friends seeing any of my facebook pictures/wall posts etc?

Easy solution is to hind your profil, rather than changing the privacy statement of each individual post. So that public can't find your profile unless they've the unique URL to your profile, to do... Read More »