How do you take your profile pics off private?

Answer On facebook, go to my account and clicl on security. Thers alot of options,and one of them indicates what you want to show or not. Good luck, hope i helped :D

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Your profile on myspace is viwedo it count the things they look at on ur profile like pics asviewing urprofile?

If somebody visits your page, it is counted as 1 view irrespective of what they do there.

View private myspace pics?

mayb ur profile is set 2 private but not your pictures,but if there is no possible way she coud access them then theres either an error on myspace(you should message tom) or shes a hacker of sum so... Read More »

Which picture should I use for my facebook profile(pics)?

Weirdo added me, but he keeps checking my profile pics?

There is Nothing you Can Do if you Dont Want him Looking at your pictures and Possibly Saving them Block Him thats About all you Can Do