How do you take your profile pics off private?

Answer On facebook, go to my account and clicl on security. Thers alot of options,and one of them indicates what you want to show or not. Good luck, hope i helped :D

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Your profile on myspace is viwedo it count the things they look at on ur profile like pics asviewing urprofile?

If somebody visits your page, it is counted as 1 view irrespective of what they do there.

How do you make your facebook profile private?

it should work, but remember people can still see if they have a friend who is friends with you, so make sure it says to 'only friends' and not friends friends'. Does that make sense?

How do you change your profile from private to public on Myspace?

go to "my account" , and then go to privacy, under privacy it will say general privacy, and then friends, and then you can choose who can view your page. and choose who you want to view your page. ... Read More »

On myspace, if you look at your own profile while you are signed in, does it make your profile views go up?

No, it only counts other people who view your page.