How does Facebook determine the ten friends that appear on the left hand side of your profile?

Answer I looked this up a long time ago, and all I got was that it is completely random. Although, personally, I don't believe that at all because there are always certain people who continuously seem to ... Read More »

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How does Facebook determine who appears on the box of like 6 or 8 friends on your profile?

What i have have observed is that people with whom you have recently interacted appear in that box

What Do the Pictures of Your Friends Mean on the Top Left Side of Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking website that allows a person to sign up for an account and use it to connect to other users. Finding people you know on Facebook, and sending and receiving Friend Re... Read More »

How to post a photo album on the left side of Facebook profile?

Try going to settings >> application settings >> click on edit settings for the photos application >> click on the profile tab >> make sure the box is added. If you want to prevent stories of your ... Read More »

I want to do business of swaping sterring wheel of car from right hand side to left hand. I need to find equip?

The equipment to do this properly, safely and legally will probably have to come from the same suppliers that car factories use. You would need: a full set of drills of all sizes; a full set of spa... Read More »