How does Facebook find people I know?

Answer by viewing your ip and looking at what town you live in

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how to find unknown people from facebook if you have a picture with they and know their first name?

Search for new contacts using the name/details you have?Town/area helps. @AlBagsi tried but there are so many peoples with this name and i only know the country Is this a wind up? How on earth are ... Read More »

How does google+ (plus) find people i might know!?

Maybe the third person knows one or both of the other two people, and Google knows that (maybe they email one another, or are friends on Google Plus). If Google knows you know some people, it can m... Read More »

Hi all.Does anyone know of an application on Facebook that automatically sends out birthdays wishes to people?

there is one i know of birthday greeting cards application doesn't send them automatically, but it will remind you a few days before there choose a card then have a choice of there m... Read More »

Does anyone know of any agency the helps people find jobs and secure work permits ike to ask?

If you are under 30 you can come over on a 1 year WHV but its almost impossible to get a job in your field on the restrictions in this visa. To qualify for a migration visa you will need to have yo... Read More »