How does Facebook make money?

Answer Facebook makes money when people pay for their advertisements to be shown up on the right side of the screen. Also they make money when people buy Facebook credits to play games.

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How does facebook make its money?

How does facebook get money if signing up is free?

It's all about Advertising and the revenue it brings in. No different to this site. Everyone moans about it [personally it doesn't bother me] but what do you want? A site that is free to use or one... Read More »

Why does it cost money to make money?

Wow...really? Of course there's expenses to make anything including machines, labor, etc. And they can't just print all the money they want. It has to be backed up by something such as gold, land, ... Read More »

How does one go about pitching a great money making idea to a company like Youtube or Facebook?

Prepare a business plan for the idea and document in detail how it will work, the investment needed, the returns, resources required, etc. Then prepare an executive summary of that (4 pages or less... Read More »