How does Windows Vista Utility software improve the performances of a computer system?

Answer you're still using vista?? Hahahahahahahahaha that's the worst one!

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Which utility software can improve the performance of a computer system?

Tuneup utilities can improve the performance of the computer system.....

Windows vista software problems?

Try this:Click Start>Help and Support>type: Compatability Wizard>Click on it>Run through the wizard.Doing the above will allow you to choose an OS mode to run the chosen software in.

Can you load Windows XP onto a new computer that comes with Windows Vista pre-installed?

Since I have done this several times, I believe I can answer this question...The answer is YES, you can. The only MINOR problem you may encounter is finding some missing drivers (usually just the s... Read More »

If i brought a windows vista computer could i put a windows xp harddrive in it?

if you want to use a windows xp hard drive, why would you spend the money to get a different hard drive with vista on it if you're just going to switch them out anyway????? second, why would you wa... Read More »