How does it comes that cracked servers , running bukkit still exist?

Answer I'm not into buying things i can get for free but..I brought minecraft in its early days for £10.Even though i dont play it anymore i had alot of fun running a server.I'd buy it again cause the il... Read More »

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Do Tramp Steamers still exist- and what would be involved in running one?

Rover...first and foremost, from an American, my thanks to you for the time you are about to give to your country in the Royal Navy. You are to be commended for this!"If" you can find a tramp steam... Read More »

Is dial up still available, does it still exist?

Yes most of the main providers still do provide dial up because broadband is not available to small places out in the sticks.You either have the choice of Pay as You Go so the call is added to your... Read More »

Does the 20six blogging community still exist?

Im so scared!watch this video - cant sleep tonight o.o

Does the once famous Ship 'Canberra' still exist........was it renamed at all?

Time and more stringent maritime safety regulations finally took their toll. In 1996, P&O announced the date on which Canberra would be retired from service. In September 1997, following one more r... Read More »