How does it comes that cracked servers , running bukkit still exist?

Answer I'm not into buying things i can get for free but..I brought minecraft in its early days for £10.Even though i dont play it anymore i had alot of fun running a server.I'd buy it again cause the il... Read More »

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Cracked minecraft servers?

mc.realitymc.inwhen you get in type /god after registration for god mode and promote me by telling them blackops invited me

Any small cracked minecraft 1.4 servers?

Join My Server?Website: www.craftvillemc.comJoin My Server?Website:

Do Tramp Steamers still exist- and what would be involved in running one?

Rover...first and foremost, from an American, my thanks to you for the time you are about to give to your country in the Royal Navy. You are to be commended for this!"If" you can find a tramp steam... Read More »

My laptop screen is cracked and I have a VGA cord running to a monitor so I can see, but now its not working ?

Look at the icons on the keyboard. There'll be one with a TV set picture on it. Press Fn (function) key as well as the tv set one while computer is running and the VGA monitor should work again.