How does my sister stop using our parent's email on Runescape?

Answer There's some instructions on changing the email account on the following website. Good luck!

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How do I change my login email for Runescape?

I don't think you can, as any account created 2010 or later must/should use their email to sign in - and the one that it was created with sticks.I created my account in 2004, I've changed the usern... Read More »

How can I stop someone from using my email address when sending me emails?

It's important to remember that just because someone writes an email reporting to be from your email address, it does not mean they have access to your email account. With a little technical knowle... Read More »

Runescape Should I stop my 11yr old playing it?

I don't think the game itself is harmful, but I think your son is becoming adicted, fast. I think you should stop him playing it and tell him it's because of his behaviour - then when you let him b... Read More »

Does using stop-loss-orders pretty much suck ?

No, stop losses do not suck, they lock in profits or they control/restrict the amount of a loss.Only those that don't understand trading and those with out risk management guidelines think stops suck.