How does one ip find another?

Answer The short version? Routing is handled by a series of specialized computers known as routers (not terribly creative). Each router has a table that tell it where to forward packets. Your final de... Read More »

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Does anyone know where I can find reliable “Home Support” when I have a computer problem I also have another?

Lol i work for BT as an IT consultant but also on a very odd occasion work for the IT home support and very few of the people that work there are actually windows 7 Intelligent they read from a man... Read More »

Will I be able to find another job?

Who doesnt dress up the truth on their CV? Yes you will.

I want to move home to another town which is best find a new job first or find a new home first?

Depends how far you're moving.If you're not moving very far, then definitely find a job first. This way you'll be able to start as soon as you get there, and you won't go too long without any inco... Read More »

[ask] Share wifi but another device cannot find SSID ?